Have you considered upgrading and taking advantage of features that will save you time and effort? PaycheckCity Profiles has three subscription tiers to fit your needs.

If you are a frequent user, the Ultimate Plan is ideal for you, allowing for unlimited calculations, profiles, deductions, reports, and history. With your saved history, you can export reports and calculations to a .CSV file. The Ultimate Plan has Gross Salary Year to Date calculations where the Gross Salary Year to Date field automatically populates based on past saved calculations for your profile.  Newly added, is our Batch Run feature that allows you to calculate many profiles at one time.

Our Premium Plan is perfect for those who use the calculators weekly. This plan includes 300 calculations (per year), along with unlimited profiles, deductions, reports, and history. Like our Ultimate Plan, you can also export your history to a .CSV file. 

Our Standard Plan is best for monthly users and includes 100 calculations (per year), along with unlimited profiles, deductions, reports, and history. 

Below is a snapshot of the features offered at each tier and the annual price per year.

To upgrade, navigate to your "Account Details" by clicking on your account email from the menu bar in the right corner of the application window. From here you can upgrade your subscription plan by clicking on “Change Plan.”

A pop-up window will appear with the option to choose between the two plans you are currently not enrolled in. 

 A window will appear confirming your choice to change the plan. Click "Upgrade Now" to confirm your choice.

When you upgrade your plan, for example from Standard to Premium, the prorated amount between the two subscription prices will appear. You will only be charged this difference when upgrading.  

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