There are three things you can do in your Account Details: 1. Edit or change your payment information; 2. Change your subscription plan; and 3. Cancel your subscription. 

You can also view your current subscription information within your Account Details, which includes your plan, calculation limit, current calculation count, renewal date, and lifetime calculation count.

To visit your Account Details, navigate to the menu bar and select your account name. From there, click "Account Details." 

To edit or change your payment information, click "Edit payment info." After entering your new credit card information, click "Update card" to save the new data. 

If you would like to change your plan, click "Change plan." You will then have the option to choose between the two plans you are currently not enrolled in. If you would like to upgrade your plan, for example from Standard to Premium, the prorated amount will appear. If you would like to downgrade your plan, for example from "Ultimate" to "Premium," you will receive a credit to your account. 

A confirmation window will appear after selecting the desired plan to confirm your choice. Click "Upgrade Now" or "Downgrade Now" to confirm. 

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