To create a paystub in PaycheckCity Payroll, select the type of calculator you need-Salary or Hourly-and then populate the calculator with your data. Make sure to select a "Print Option" at the bottom of the calculator for the type of paystub you wish to create--check on top, in middle, or on bottom. When you click calculate, you can view, download, email, and save the paystub.

If you have already run a calculation in PaycheckCity Payroll and are trying to view the report or paystub you created, it will be in your History only if you saved the report from your results page.

If you did not save your report, you'll have to run the calculation again, inputting the data from scratch and selecting "Yes" in the Print Option field to create the desired paystub or report. Once presented with the results page, make sure to click "Save in History" to create a record of your report to view in the future.

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