You can email calculation results and reports out of PaycheckCity Payroll. To email results or a report to an employee, there are three things you must do: 

  1. First create a profile for that employee and save your employee's email address within the profile.
  2. Turn on your email settings in your Application Settings.
  3. Click the "send email" button from your calculation results.

To learn how to create a profile, visit this article. When setting up the profile, make sure to include your employee's email address in the Employee Information section of the profile.

From there, make sure your email settings are turned on by navigating to your Application Settings in the Start menu from the menu bar in the upper right hand corner of the application. Enter an email address to serve as the "master email address." Any time you email a calculation or a report it will go to this email address.

To email a calculation or result to an employee, select "Master and profile emails" as your send email preference. Doing so will send the calculation or report both to your master email address and to the employee email address specified in the profile used to populate the calculator.

Now with your email preferences set up, you can click any "Send Email" button from your calculation results page to send the results or reports to your master email address and your employee.

If you don't see the email button on your calculation results or next to your reports, it is because you do not have a master email address on file. You must set this up in your Application Setting before you can send emails through PaycheckCity Payroll.

You can also email results and reports that you have saved from your History. To email saved calculation results or reports to yourself, click on the main menu, and navigate to "History." Click on the calculation results or report you would like to send to yourself, and the results page or report will open. Once opened, you will see an "email" button at the top of the page. Click the button, and your results or report will be sent to the email address you have on file in your Application Settings.

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