Printing in PaycheckCity Payroll has never been easier. After running a calculation you will be directed to the results page. From here you can print by clicking on the printer icon, as seen below.

From the results page you can save your calculation by clicking the heart icon. If you do choose to save the calculation, you have the option to print at a later time from your history following the same instructions as below.

If you click on "Print Options," a new window will appear. This is where you will enter the appropriate information about the report or check, such as check number, report style, and addresses. 

If you have already created a profile and company for the calculation, the information will auto-populate in the correct fields. If you would like to include company details, do so by clicking the slider that reads "Print company on check." 

Note, these features are only available if you have selected the profile and company prior to process the calculation. Otherwise, you can manually enter this information.

Once you have provided the relevant information for your pay stub or report, click on "Generate Report."

You will be able to view, download, or save your report by selecting any of the appropriate buttons.

It is important to know that if you change any of the report details, you will have to regenerate the report.

In order to print, click "View." A new window will appear with your report. From here, follow the general protocol for printing in your browser.

By clicking "Save," your report will be stored in your history. If you would like to save the report to your computer, click "Download."  

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