What is a batch definition?

A batch definition is a set of properties that relate information about a batch run. So, what does that mean? In a traditional payroll system, there usually is one company and several employees that are part of that company. PaycheckCity Payroll differs from a traditional system. PaycheckCity Payroll allows you to create any combination of what-if scenarios for modeling purposes. The relationship between a company and a profile is not needed.

With the introduction of batches, you can now model a batch of calculations instead of running one calculation at a time. A batch definition allows you to relate your profiles to a company and a report.

For instructions on how to set up a batch definition, visit this article.

Example batch definitions

A single company with 5 profiles:
This is probably the most typical example. To run the same 5 profiles every week or twice a month, you would want to create a batch definition, give it a name, select the company from the company field, check all if you only have 5 profiles or optionally check each individual profile.  

**If you have a certain report you would like to print you can select that report from the report field. This is convenient if you are printing 5 pay-stubs and would like to print them all at once.

Multiple companies and many profiles:
Perhaps you have several companies and several profiles. You can create a batch definition for each company and add the profiles of the employees that work at the company.

Hourly & Salary profiles:
You can run hourly and salary employees together at once. If you would rather separate them you can create one batch for hourly and one batch for salary.

One-off batches:
One-off batches are great if you want to do something once but for many profiles. Bonus checks are a good example. Create a batch definition and add all employees receiving a bonus.

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