A batch run allows you to run many calculations at once time. The batch run will use
the information inside the batch definition to determine which profiles to calculate. (A batch definition must be set prior to executing a batch run.) 

For instructions on how to run a batch run, visit this article.

How do you determine to show the gross pay field or the hours and pay rate fields?

Inside each profile there is an optional field called Employee Type. Available types are Salary and Hourly. If set, the batch will use this value to determine whether to show a profile line item with a gross pay field (for Salary types) or hours and pay rate fields (for Hourly types).

If the Employee Type field is not set, we will look at the hourly rates fields in the profile. If they have any values, the assumption is made that this is an hourly profile. If they are not set, the profile will default to a Salary type.

How do you compute the values in the gross pay, hours, and pay rate fields?

The values for the hours and pay rate fields (Hourly employee type) come directly from the first set of values in the profile's hourly rate information section.

The value for the gross pay field (Salary employee type) is computed from two values inside the profile. The gross pay field is divided by the pay frequency field.

Can I override or change these default values?

Yes! The default values are an assumption on what we think would be the most common scenario. Simply enter the desired values in the input boxes.

Can I remove one or some profiles from this batch?

Yes!  The batch run will load all profiles in the batch definition. Simply click the trash can on the right of the profile line item and it will not be computed with this batch. It will not be removed from the batch definition, just from the batch run you are working on. If you would like to never have a particular profile included in a batch, you should remove the profile from the batch definition.

Can I run a batch of gross up calculations?

Unfortunately, no, currently batch runs only work for salary and/or hourly calculations.  

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