To run a batch you need to navigate to the batch run page. There are two ways to reach this page. From the navigation menu on the left, select Batch, then select Run.

Alternatively, from the batch definition page you can select the run button.

If you used the latter, your batch definition will already be loaded. If you used the menu, select a batch definition to get started.

Once you select a batch definition, the profiles will be displayed. The only required fields are the batch definition and the post date. If you leave the post date blank, you will see a validation error and you won't be able to submit the form.

Enter or change any values in the profile section. Optionally, change your period start and period end dates. Click the Run button (person running icon) to calculate the batch.

Once the batch completes, a summary of the calculations will be displayed with additional information available using the down arrow for each profile line item.

At this point, you can optionally save the batch results to batch history (heart icon) and/or print a batch of reports (eye icon).

**If you print a batch of reports without saving and try to navigate away from the batch preview screen a pop up will be displayed asking you to confirm you want to exit without saving. This occurs because we assumed you might have printed several checks and would like these numbers later to be used in year-to-date reporting. If you do not save your results they will not be computed in year-to-date reporting.

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