Payroll Results

After running your payroll, you will see the Payroll Results screen. Within the Payroll Results, you will see your payroll definition, report, and the dates that were selected. These sections are all determined based on the information you submitted to run your payroll.

At the top of the payroll results page, you have three different options:

  • Edit will allow you to return to your payroll run and make any necessary changes.
  • Save to History will save your payroll run. If you choose to save the payroll run, you have the option to print and email at a later time from your history, following the same instructions as below.
  • View Report will allow you to view your selected reports in a new window as a PDF. If no report is selected, this button will not be displayed.

To print or email a report, select a report option from the drop-down menu. There are many different report options available for printing or emailing. Our available report options include:

  • Quickbooks Voucher
  • Deluxe T104
  • Deluxe T111
  • Deluxe M102
  • Deluxe M145
  • Deluxe B100
  • Deluxe B211
  • Earnings record
  • Payroll earnings record

Print and Email a Payroll Report

Once you select a report, you can click the view report button and the report will appear in a new window.

To email a payroll report or earnings statement make sure your email settings are turned on by navigating to your App Settings in the left-hand menu. Here you will see the primary email address field. Any time you email a calculation or a report it will go to this email address.

To email reports and earnings statements to an employee, select the 'Primary and employee option from the drop-down. Doing so will send the report or earnings statement to both the primary email and the employee email.

To email a report access your Past Calculations in the left-hand menu. Select the calculation you wish to email and select "Send me copy". This will send a copy to your email address on file and, if you chose this option, a copy will be sent to the employee's email address on file.

If you don't see the email button on your calculation results or next to your past calculation reports, it is because you do not have a master email address on file. You must set this up in your Application Setting before you can send emails through PaycheckCity Payroll.

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