There are many different types of reports that you can create and save in PaycheckCity Payroll:

  • Intuit Quickbooks Voucher

  • Deluxe T104

  • Deluxe T111

  • Deluxe M102

  • Deluxe M145

  • Deluxe B100

  • Deluxe B211

  • Earnings Record

  • Payroll Earnings Record

In order to create a report, you will first need to run your payroll.

Once you have your Payroll Results, you can select one of the reports mentioned above in the "Report" drop down. Next, double check that everything is correct. Click the add button next to an employee's name to see more details. If all looks good, you can save, view, print or email your report.

How do I save a report?

To save your report select the "Save to history" button at the top right. You will see a confirmation pop up that says "Payroll History saved!"

How do I view and print a report?

To view the report select the "View report" button. The report will appear in a new tab as a PDF. Review the information on the report and confirm everything looks correct. If all looks good, you can print your report as you would any PDF from your browser.

How do I access a saved report?

To access a saved report open the menu on the left and select "History". Under history you can access your payroll history or the individual calculation history.

In Payroll History or Calculator History, select "Change dates" to access the time frame in which the report was saved.

Once you select the report you can view the report within the PaycheckCity Payroll application or select "View report" to access the report as a PDF in a new tab.

How do I print a report after it has been saved?

Once you access the saved report, view the report as a PDF. You can print your report as you would any PDF from your browser.

How do I edit a saved report?

Once a payroll report has been saved, it cannot be edited. If the report is incorrect you will need to run payroll again and save the report. To ensure your year-to-date information is correct, you will need to delete the incorrect report.

How do I delete a saved report?

To delete the incorrect report access your saved Payroll History or Calculator History. Select the desired report and select "delete".

How do I create a report after the pay period?

To create a report for a pay period in the past, select "Run Payroll" from the left menu bar. Select the Payroll Definition and change the Post date, Payroll start date and Payroll end date to the desired pay period. Once the dates a correct, you can run your payroll as normal.

You can use the Save and Print directions above to successfully save the report in your history.

How do I Email a Payroll Report?

To email a payroll report or earnings statement make sure your email settings are turned on by navigating to your App Settings in the left-hand menu. Here you will see the primary email address field. Any time you email a calculation or a report it will go to this email address.

To email reports and earnings statements to an employee, select the 'Primary and employee option from the drop-down. Doing so will send the report or earnings statement to both the primary email and the employee email.

To email a report access your Calculator History in the left-hand menu. Select the calculation you wish to email and select "Send me copy". This will send a copy to your email address on file and, if you chose this option, a copy will be sent to the employee's email address on file.

If you don't see the email button on your calculation results or next to your past calculation reports, it is because you do not have a master email address on file. You must set this up in your Application Setting before you can send emails through PaycheckCity Payroll.

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