A profile is a collection of data representing an individual, employee, or scenario. It’s used to load data into the calculators quickly and easily so that you don't have to type out the same information each time you run a calculation. 

To build a profile, first navigate to settings in the menu bar and select profiles. From here you will then click on the “add a profile” button.

Start by entering employee information. There are three fields that are required to save a profile: 

  1. Profile name and home address 
  2. Company 
  3. Work location(s) 

The home and work addresses are geo-located to correctly calculate taxes.  

The Wage Info section is where you include the employee type, pay frequency, gross pay. 

Enter federal W-4 values in the Federal Info section. The state and local information follows. 

You can include custom deductions and benefits in the Benefits section.

Finally, click the heart to save your profile.

Now that you have created a profile, when you run a Batch, just select the profile for the and all of the data automatically populates into the batch run, saving you time and effort. 

To edit a profile once it has been saved, simply navigate to the profile, change or update the information desired, and click save.

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