Deductions are amounts withheld from a paycheck that lower taxable income such as 401(k), medical or dental benefits, health savings account, etc. Note, deductions are optional and not needed for any deductions.

To build a custom deduction, navigate to "Start" in the menu bar. In the drop down menu, click "Deductions."

From here, click "Add Deduction."

This is where you will add information about your deduction such as deduction name, the amount, the type of deduction, and if the deduction is exempt from Federal, FICA, State, and/or Local taxes. 

After you have entered the correct information, store your deduction by clicking "Save."

In order to use your deductions in the calculators, you need to add them to a Deduction Set. Visit this article to learn how to add deductions to deduction sets.

Now when you are doing a calculation you can populate a calculator with the desired deduction, saving you time and effort.

One-time deduction

If you have a one time use for a deduction and don't want to build a deduction set, you can add the deduction under the "Voluntary Deduction Section" of the calculator for a one-time use in a calculation.

In order to do so, make sure that your "Deduction Settings" are turned on to display deduction fields in the calculator in your Application Settings. Your Application Settings are found in the Start menu.

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