Deduction sets allow you to group deductions together so that they all appear in the calculator. They are optional and not needed for any calculations.

In order to make a deduction set, you will first need to make an individual deduction. After doing so, navigate to your start button and then choose "Deduction Sets" from the drop down menu. This is where you will group together your individual deductions.  

Click "Add Deduction Set." 

Next, you will want to name your deduction set. Right below the deduction set name you can choose what deductions you will want to include in the set. 

Click the arrow in the "Deductions" bar and choose the appropriate deductions for the set. Once this is complete, make sure to click "Save" in the "Deduction Set" header.

Now, when you run a calculation you can choose the desired deduction set and the calculator will automatically populate the information and make the right calculation.

One-time deduction 

If you have a one time use for a deduction and don't want to build a deduction set, you can add the deduction under the "Voluntary Deduction Section" of the calculator for a one-time use in a calculation. In order to do so, make sure that your "Deduction Settings" are turned on to display deduction fields in the calculator in your Application Settings. Your Application Settings are found in the Start menu.

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