Once you have created a profile, company, and deduction set, you can populate the calculators with this information to save you time and effort when running calculations.

From any of the calculators, simply select which profile, company, and deduction set you want in the drop-down fields at the top of the calculator. 

When you make your selection, the data from that profile, company, and/or deduction set will automatically populate into the calculator.  

You don't need to always select a profile, company, and deduction set for each calculation. If you don't select any, the calculator fields will be blank, just as in a regular PaycheckCity calculation. Similarly, you can run a calculation with only a profile selected, only a company selected, only a deduction set selected, or some combination of two out of three.

One-time deduction

If you have a one-time use for a deduction and don't want to build a deduction set, you can add the deduction under the "Voluntary Deduction Section" of the calculator for a one-time use in a calculation. In order to do so, make sure that your "Deduction Settings" are turned on to display deduction fields in the calculator in your Application Settings. Your Application Settings are found in the Start menu.


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