After calculating your report by clicking "Calculate," you will be brought to the results page. 

At the top of the results section be sure to select "Save in History." This will store your report in a format where you can print from your profile by accessing it through your history.

Next, navigate to the menu bar and select "History." Choose the report or pay stub you would like to print by selecting it from the history. 

From here, click on the print icon in the "History Detail" section.

The "Print Options" window will appear. 

In the Print Options window enter information relevant to the report or pay stub, such as check type and check number. If you selected a company and profile for the calculation this information will automatically populate. Then, click "Generate Report".

Finally, you will have a few options to choose from regarding your pay stub or report. In order to print, click "View" or "Download" and follow the normal printing path for your browser. 

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