You can view and print a paycheck or pay stub from calculations in PaycheckCity Payroll.  

After completing the data fields for your calculation you will see the results page. From here you can view and/or print a paycheck by clicking on the printer icon, as seen below. 

Click on the "Select a report to print" drop down to choose the desired format for your paycheck. 

If you have selected a Profile and Company at the top of the calculator, all of the details will automatically populate according to the data you have in your selected profile and company. If not, you can manually enter any additional details such as an employee name, address, check number, etc.  

Click “Generate Report”

To view and print the results, click the “view” or “download” button. 

You will now have a paycheck to view and print. If you downloaded the results, open the downloaded file. If you chose to view the results, a new window will appear. For either approach, follow the printing protocol according to your browser and operating system to print.

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