There are four different types of reports that you can create and save in PaycheckCity Payroll:

  • Pay stub with check on top
  • Pay stub with check in the middle
  • Pay stub with check on the bottom
  • Earnings record

In order to save a report or a pay stub, you will first need to go through the calculation process. Note, it does not matter what calculator you use, you can save a report or a pay stub from each calculator. You'll want to make sure that your "Print Options" are turned on prior to clicking "Calculate" when running a calculation. You can read more about that in this article

Before you click “Calculate,” make sure that you select the report you wish to save in the "Print Options" section at the bottom of the calculator. 

When you click "Calculate," you will be brought to the calculation results page. Your report(s) and/or pay stub(s) will be presented in the middle of the results page in the "View/Download Reports" section. To save them, click the "Save in History" button next to each report name that you wish to save.

Your report(s) and/or pay stub(s) are now saved in your History, which can be accessed from the menu bar. 

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