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Payment Voucher in Form 941
Payment Voucher in Form 941

How and when to send payments with Form 941

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How do I pay my tax liabilities from Form 941?

Depending on tax deposit schedule and amount owed, tax liabilities can be paid either:

  • pay online with, or

  • mail the payment using the Form 941-V Payment Voucher

You’re only allowed to mail a payment with Form 941 if you checked the first box of Line 16: your total tax due is less than $2,500 for the current quarter, and was also less than $2,500 for the previous quarter.

Otherwise you must make your payments to IRS online with EFTPS.

The Payment Voucher (bottom of the 2nd to last page) is autofilled based on your entries in the Report 941 wizard.

Make sure to update the value of Line 13a to the total deposits you have already sent for the quarter.

By default, Line 13a is autofilled to the total owed. This will imply you have already paid what's due and the Payment Voucher will be $0.

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