Before you can print a paystub or report, first make sure that your Print Options are turned on. You can do this in your Application Settings. To get to your Application Settings, first navigate to the menu bar in the top right corner of the application and select “Start."

 A dropdown menu of options will appear. Click on "Application Settings." Once in your Application Settings, turn your "Print Options Settings" to on by clicking the toggle button next to "show print options." Doing this will display the print options that are available within each calculator. 

Make sure to click “Save” after you have edited the application settings, otherwise your changes will be lost.  

Now that you have turned the print options settings on, navigate to whichever calculator you wish to use for your calculation. You will now see the "Print Options" field at the bottom of the calculator. Select from the drop down menu the type of report you wish to print. The available options are all reports, check on top, check in middle, check on bottom, and earnings record

You must select the type of report you want prior to clicking calculate for the report to appear!

If you have selected a Profile and Company at the top of the calculator, all of the details for your report will automatically populate according to the data you have in your selected profile and company. If not, you can manually enter any additional details for printing such as an employee name, check number, etc. 

Click “Calculate.” 

Your report(s) will appear in the "View/Download Reports" section of the results page. In order to print the results, click the “view” or “download” button. 

You will now have a report or pay stub to print. If you downloaded the results, open the downloaded file. If you chose to view the results, a new window will appear. For either approach, follow the printing protocol according to your browser and operating system.

Finally, if at some point in the future you wish to access the report again within your PaycheckCity Profiles account, click the "Save in History" button and your report will be added to your History.

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