You can view and print a paycheck or pay stub from calculations in PaycheckCity Profiles. First, you will want to make sure you have the correct print settings selected. 

After completing the data fields for your calculation, you will see a section titled "Print Options" at the bottom of the calculator. 

Click on the "Print Report?" bar to choose the desired format for your paycheck--check on top, in middle, or on bottom. You can also choose to print an Earnings Record report or all of the reports.

When you select one of the report options, additional fields will appear in the Print Options section. If you've selected a profile and company, some of the data may be pre-populated for you. If not, you can provide information for the paycheck, such as employee name, address, and a check number. After entering this information, click "Calculate.

From here, you will be brought to the results page from your calculation. The "View/Download Reports" section in the middle of the results page will list your available paychecks and/or reports.

Click "View" to view your paycheck in a new window or click "Download" to download and save the paycheck to your computer. Both of these options will work when it comes to printing. Simply follow the protocol as you would normally for printing on your device. You can also click "Save in History" to save your paycheck to your History for future reference. 

This quick video walks you through the process to view and print a pay stub.

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