What is a beta test?
In software development, a beta test is the second phase of software testing in which a sampling of the intended audience tries the product out. It is also often called end user testing or user acceptance testing. The early users who serve as beta testers share their experiences with the software developers who then make final changes before releasing the software commercially.

What is PaycheckCity Profiles?
PaycheckCity Profiles offers an ad-free experience and a number of additional features compared to the free PaycheckCity. These include the ability to customize calculators with pre-set profile, company, and deduction information, a variety of reporting options, and the ability to save calculations and reports in your history. PaycheckCity Profiles is available starting at $19 for an annual subscription.

How long will PaycheckCity Profiles be free?
PaycheckCity Profiles will be free to beta testers through December 31, 2017.

When will my credit card be charged?
Beta testers' subscriptions will begin on January 1, 2018, at which time their credit cards used to sign up for PaycheckCity Profiles will be charged. If they change their minds, beta testers can cancel their subscription within PaycheckCity Profiles at any time prior to December 31, 2017 and not be charged.

How do I contact PaycheckCity if I find a bug?
Beta testers who find bugs should submit their comments through the blue chat icon in the lower right corner of their screens.

How often will PaycheckCity contact me during the beta period?
PaycheckCity will contact beta testers periodically throughout the beta period through the blue chat icon in the lower right corner of their screens with a variety of survey-type and short-answer questions.

How many calculations do I get during the beta?
Beta testers will receive the allotted number of calculations for the package that they signed up for as part of the sign up process. If the number of calculations is not sufficient, beta testers can upgrade plans in their Account Details.

Will PaycheckCity still be free?
Yes! PaycheckCity the website will remain free to use for basic paycheck calculations. PaycheckCity Profiles is a new product that will be available for an annual subscription fee.

What browsers does PaycheckCity Profiles work best on?
We recommend using Chrome, Safari, Edge, or Firefox.  We do not recommend using Internet Explorer 11 or older.

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