At this time, PaycheckCity Profiles does not keep track of YTD values. However, this has been a commonly requested feature and it is currently in our development queue!

In the meantime, you can keep track of your own YTD gross values in PaycheckCity Profiles with the following steps:

Use the "Gross Salary YTD" fields in the Salary and Hourly Calculators to input a YTD value for your calculation.

Save your calculation results and/or report to your History to capture the Gross Salary YTD value.

Reference this saved calculation results and/or report from your History to retrieve your most recent YTD value before running your next pay period's calculation.

Add the gross pay from the saved calculation to the previous YTD value.  Use this new value in the calculator as your current Gross Salary YTD.

Happy Calculating!

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