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Completing and Printing Employee W-2s
Completing and Printing Employee W-2s

Step-by-step guide to complete your employee Form W-2s

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The Form W-2 reports an employee's annual wages and the amount of taxes withheld from their paycheck. Employers must file Form W-2s with the IRS and provide them to employees annually.

PaycheckCity Payroll provides a partially completed Form W-2 based on the payroll history for the selected employee. To complete the form, PaycheckCity Payroll will take you through each section and question of the Form W-2 so that you have a complete W-2 to file and distribute to employees.

Inputs are pre-populated with a value based on your payroll history for the selected employee. All input boxes are editable. It is very important to double-check ALL values and make any required corrections carefully.

After finishing your report, the Form W-2 is ready for you to download, print, file, and distribute.

To start the Form W-2 in PaycheckCity Payroll:

  1. Click on Reporting from the left-hand menu.

  2. Select Form W-2

  3. Select the Company and Employee(s) you would like to create a Form W-2 for. Click Start report.

  4. PaycheckCity Payroll will guide you through the W-2 for each employee. Enter and review all input fields in the form.

  5. Click Preview to view your Form W-2 and make any necessary edits at this time.

  6. Once you have double-checked your inputs click Finish Report. You can download the report and save it to your computer and print. it.

  7. File your Form W-2 and pay your taxes (if applicable).

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