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Completing Form 940
Completing Form 940

Step-by-step instructions for completing your annual Form 940

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Form 940 is the employer's annual Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) tax report. Only employers pay FUTA tax.

PaycheckCity Payroll provides a partially completed Form 940 based on your payroll history for the selected company, year, and employee(s). To complete the form, we will take you through each section and question on Form 940.

Boxes are pre-populated with a value based on your payroll history for the selected company, year, and employees. All input boxes are editable except for boxes noted 'computed for you'. 'Computer for you' fields are calculated totals based on other input boxes. It is very important to double-check ALL values and make any required corrections carefully.

After finishing your report, you can download and print it. Your Form 940 is ready to file and pay your taxes.

To complete, download, and print your Form 940 in PaycheckCity Payroll:

  1. Click on Reporting from the left-hand menu.

  2. Select Form 940

  3. Select the Company, Year, and Employee(s) you would like included in Form 940. Click Start Report

  4. PaycheckCity Payroll will guide you through the five sections of Form 940 and each question. (You can see the five sections and your progress in the right-hand menu). Enter and review all input fields in the form.

  5. Click Preview to view your Form 940. Make any necessary edits at this time.

  6. Once you have double-checked your inputs click Finish Report. You can download the report and save it to your computer and print it.

  7. File your Form 940 and pay your taxes (if applicable). See the IRS website for instructions on how to file and pay here.

You can also reference the IRS instructions for completing Form 940 here.

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