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Change a Work Address
Change a Work Address

Learn how to edit a company location address

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Once an address is added, PaycheckCity Payroll will not let you edit it. You will have to add a new address. Then you'll need to change each employee's work location.

Important: If you have payroll history saved to the old address, don't delete it. Payroll history is saved to an address, and it's what you select to run your end of year reports and forms.

1. Go to "Companies" in the left bar, then select your company

2. Click "Company Locations" in the right side
2. Click "Add company location", fill out the form then click "Add and Verify".
You won't be able to remove the old address yet if employees are linked to it. If you click Remove, you will see a list with employees that are linked to a work address
3. Click "Save changes"
4. Once a company has multiple locations, the employee's page has a "Work locations" tab. Go to each employee and update the employees' Work Location selection to the new address
6. When you run your payroll, update the Payroll Definition to use the new location.

"Address cannot be verified"

If you get this message, please check the address you entered is correct. If you’re sure it’s accurate, then our address look-up system was not able to find it.

If an address cannot be verified, only federal and state taxes will be calculated. City and local taxes will not be included. If you need local taxes applied, please reach out to us.

Change an employee's home address

See this article about how to change a company's address.

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