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What are the different types of Reports?
What are the different types of Reports?

Preview examples of PaycheckCity Payroll reports.

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This article will cover descriptions and screenshots of different reports you can download in PaycheckCity:

To run a report, you have to pick a work location and date range. After you click Run Report you can view the results on the page or download a CSV file.

Print or Download as PDF

If you need a PDF file of the results, download the CSV file in your spreadsheet editor (like Excel) then click File > Export then select PDF.

Tax Summary

The Tax Summary report lists the totals for each federal, state and local employer and employee tax. You can expand each tax to see the tax amount per payroll for each employee.

CSV file:

Payroll Ledger

The Payroll Ledger report lists totals for

  • each employee's wages, taxes, deductions

  • employer taxes and deductions per employee

  • total cost of an employee

CSV file:

Employee Pay Detail

The Employee Pay Detail report lists an employee's wages, taxes, deductions and net pay. You can expand on each employee to see the amounts per payroll run.

CSV file:

Employee Pay Summary

The Employee Pay Summary report Lists an employee's home address and their gross, taxes, deductions and net pay for an employee.

CSV file:

Export History

You can also download a CSV of the results in your History. All the results that match the date range will be included.

CSV file:

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