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How is my employee's year to date amount calculated?
How is my employee's year to date amount calculated?

Find out which calculations and payrolls are contributing to YTD amounts

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Employee Pay Detail

Use the Employee Pay Detail report to see a list of all payrolls and calculations per employee during a range of time.

  1. Select your company and employee

  2. Select the year and keep quarter and month set to All

  3. Click "Run"

  4. Below, you will see a table with year to date values for Gross Wages, Taxes, Deductions, and Net Pay

Click the employee's name to expand all the payrolls and calculations that are being accrued. If you have a Prior Payroll row, those are the amounts you entered for payroll before signing up for PaycheckCity (go to Employee > Prior Payroll).

You can click on each row to further expand details for each category.:

You can export this report to excel by clicking the "CSV" button at the top right corner of the page:

The Employee Pay Detail report is a helpful tool to understand how your employee's year to date values are being calculated.

Deleting Payroll History

See this article about deleting payroll history and how it affects YTD values: Adjust or Delete a Payroll

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