How to edit a payroll

Once a payroll is approved, its values cannot be changed.

You will need to delete the entire payroll from history and run it again.

How to delete a payroll

Follow these steps:

  1. Find a past payroll by clicking on "History" in the left nav

  2. Click "Payroll History"

  3. Use the search bar or adjust the date range to locate the payroll you want to adjust or delete

  4. Click on the payroll item

  5. Click "Delete"

**Note about year to date values

Once a payroll run is approved and saved to history, none of its values can change including year to date amount. Payrolls in History between when you saved a payroll and deleted a payroll will not automatically update year to date values.

However, rest assured that all payroll runs you create in the future will have the corrected year to date values. Reports will also always have the correct year to date values.

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