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All about Payroll History

View saved payroll runs in the past payroll history.

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To navigate to the History page to view your saved payroll runs click on the navigation menu on the left, select History, then select Payroll History.

The Payroll History screen displays all the saved payroll runs by post date. Use the change dates at the top to adjust the time period of payroll runs included.

You can filter by any value on the page. For example, typing 'Bonus' in the search field will filter your results to only include payroll runs with the name containing Bonus.

This information can also be exported to a CSV file (then imported in Excel) with a header and detailed employee records. To export click the download button (down arrow with line icon).

To see the detailed payroll run information, click on one of the payroll history items. You will be taken to the payroll's detail page. The payroll details will be displayed as it appeared when the payroll run was calculated.

If a past payroll was done in error for any reason, you can delete the payroll in history along with the individual calculations by clicking the red Delete button at the top in details.

**Keep in mind that deleting history will affect any year-to-date reporting numbers.

**The individual employee calculations within each payroll run will also be displayed on the Calculator History page.

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