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How do I run my payroll?

You are ready to run payroll! The steps below will take you through how to get it done.

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Run Your Payroll

  1. Click the Payroll tab in the left-hand menu.

  2. Here you will see a list of your saved payroll definitions. You can edit, run or create a new definition from this screen.

  3. Select the payroll definition you would like to run and click the run button to the right of the definition.

  4. Enter payroll details for the pay period, including the pay period dates, check date, and employee wages and hours. Click next to review payroll.

  5. Review your payroll results on the Review Payroll page. Click Details to the right of each employee's name to view a breakdown of earnings, taxes, deductions, and a summary of all wages.

  6. Click Approve to save payroll. If you need to make any changes use the Back button to edit.

  7. Now that your payroll has been saved, you can view, download, and print employee earnings statements and paystubs by clicking view or download.

To view saved payroll runs, click the History tab and Payroll History. From here, you can download your saved payroll runs to a .CSV and reprint paystubs and earnings statements.

Running Payroll FAQs

Q: How do I update the pay frequency?

A: The pay frequency of a payroll run can be set and adjusted in the payroll definition. Click Payroll in the left-hand menu to see a list of your saved payroll definitions. Read more about pay frequency here.

Q: How do I add additional wage types or tips?

A: You can customize which wage types show in App Settings. This article will walk you through how to add additional wage types and tips.

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