Run Your Payroll

Click the Run Payroll tab. You will have two options:

  • Select Run if you already set up your payroll definition
  • Select Definitions if this is the first-time running payroll or you need to set up an additional payroll run

Select the payroll definition you are running from the drop-down. The Company and report type will populate based on the definition.

Enter pay period details and post date. Enter hours and adjust salaries as necessary.

Click Run Payroll in the upper right corner to review and submit. Look over the summary of wages, taxes, and deductions to make sure everything is entered correctly. If you need to make a change click "edit" to go back and make your changes.

Once everything looks correct, select your desired report. Now you can select "save to history" to save the payroll to your history or "view report" to open the report as a PDF and print.

View saved payroll runs by click the History tab and Payroll History. From here you can download your saved payroll runs to a .CSV and reprint paystubs and earnings statements

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