Updating Employee Wage Rates and Types

To update your employee's wage type (hourly or salary), click the Employee tab in the left-hand menu and select the employee you would like to adjust.

  1. Once the desired employee has been selected, click on the Wages tab in the right-hand navigation menu.

  2. Using the wage type drop-down, you can select and update the employee's wage type: hourly, salary, commission only.

  3. If your employee is a "Salary" employee, you will be required to enter the annual gross pay. If your employee is an "Hourly" employee, you will be required to enter the hourly rate this employee is paid.

  4. Once your wage updates have been made, click the save button.

Adding Tips

To display paid and unpaid tips in your payroll run, select App Settings from the left-hand menu.

  1. Under "Payroll Settings," toggle one or both of the tip options to be selected.

  2. Click "Save changes."

  3. The selected tip type will now be displayed and available for you to input tip amounts in all payroll runs.

Adding additional pay rates for hourly employees

To add regular, overtime, double-time, holiday, and sick rates to hourly employees, select App Settings from the left-hand menu.

  1. Under "Hourly Employees", toggle on the hourly pay types that you would like displayed for each hourly employee in the payroll run.

  2. Select "Save changes"

  3. To add the employee hourly pay rates for each pay rate, click the Employees tab in the left-hand menu and edit button beside the desired employee.

  4. Click Wages from the right-hand menu and enter the hourly pay rates. Click save changes.

Employee Pay Rate FAQ:

Q: What is gross pay?

A: Gross pay is the amount of income on a paycheck before taxes and deductions are withheld.

Q: What is the gross pay method?

A: The gross pay method refers to whether the gross pay is an annual amount or a per period amount. The annual amount is your gross pay for the whole year. Per period amount is your gross pay every payday. For example, if your annual salary were $52,000 and you are paid weekly, your annual amount is $52,000, and your per period amount is $1,000. Select the option that applies to your employee to have accurate results.

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