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Print Checks for Current Payroll
Print Checks for Current Payroll

Learn how to print checks for your current payroll.

Updated over a week ago
  1. After running and approving your payroll, you will see the summary screen. The summary screen will show the details of the payroll that was just approved, including the payroll period, post date (also known as check date), and net pay. (For more information on running your payroll, visit this article).

  2. In the records and checks section, use the drop-down to select the earnings report or paystub you would like to download and print. There are many different report options available for printing or emailing.

  3. Once you select a report, you can click the view report button, and the report will appear in a new window. Click download to download and print the earnings report or pay stub.

To learn more about printing checks see How to Print Checks in PaycheckCity.

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