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How to Print a Quickbooks Voucher Check from Payroll
How to Print a Quickbooks Voucher Check from Payroll

Steps to print a Quickbooks Voucher check from a Payroll Run

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Printing a Quickbooks Voucher check in PaycheckCity Payroll is easy.
After running a payroll you will be brought to the results page. If everything looks good, click the "Approve" button.

Once a payroll is approved, you will see a "Records and Checks" section.

Select Intuit Quickbooks Voucher from the dropdown and click "View" to see it in a new tab, or "Download" to save it to your computer files.

You can access this same screen from History / Payroll History to use the "Records and Checks" section for previous payrolls.

Below you can see a sample of how your Quickbooks Voucher will appear upon printing.

How do I order checks?

You can order check stock with your routing and account numbers on them to print checks online or from the company, depending on the check style. As an example, you can purchase the Deluxe style checks from their website at

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