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How to print individual checks from a payroll run
How to print individual checks from a payroll run

Steps to print/download one check or record from the entire payroll.

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Payroll run records and checks are bundled into a single PDF file. Follow these steps to split out a specific page from the pdf file:

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Using the PDF Print dialog (even if you don't need to print)

  1. Click the Print icon on the pdf file:

  2. In the print dialog, update Pages to the page numbers you want to download:

  3. If you want to only download, change Destination to Save as PDF:

You can email individual results from Calculator History.

To enable emailing results to employees, go to App Settings and under Send emails to select the 'Primary and employee email' option from the drop-down. Any time you email a calculation or a saved report it will go to the employee's email address.

To email calculation results, access your Calculator History in the left-hand menu. Select the calculation you wish to email and click "Send me copy". Clicking this will immediately send a copy of the results to the primary email address on file and, if set in settings, a copy will be sent to the employee's email address in their profile.

If you don't see the email button on your calculation results, it is because you do not have a master email address on file. You must set this up in your Application Setting before you can send emails through PaycheckCity Payroll.

Email sample:

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