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Where do I enter payroll ran before PaycheckCity?
Where do I enter payroll ran before PaycheckCity?

Steps to add your employee's Prior Payroll.

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In order to have accurate year-to-date values on your employee's paystubs, you will need to input prior payroll details when adding an employee. If you have paid this employee during the calendar year outside of PaycheckCity Payroll the total year-to-date values should be entered here. This includes, wages, benefits, and taxes paid or withheld this year.

To get to the Prior Payroll page:

  1. Click on Employees in the left-hand navigation menu

  2. Click on your employee

  3. Click "Prior Payroll" in the right-hand navigation menu:

Prior Payroll will only list the the months before your sign up date. All the payroll details after your sign up date should be generated by running payroll with PaycheckCity Payroll.

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