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How do I email a paystub to my employee?
How do I email a paystub to my employee?
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You can email individual calculation results out of PaycheckCity Payroll. To email paycheck results to an employee, there are two things you must do: 

  1. Turn on your email settings in your Application Settings.

  2. Click the "send me copy" button from Calculation History.

In Application Settings enter your email as the primary email and change the "Send emails to" selection to "Primary and employee emails", and save.

Then, go to Calculation history and find the individual calculation you want to share. You may need to adjust the date range.

At the top of a calculation result, click the "Send me copy" button. If "Send emails to" is set to Primary and employee, it will send the results to you and the employee's email set in their profile.

Example of email:

If you prefer to share an earnings report file, click the Print button at the top. Then:

  1. Select the report type

  2. Slick Create Report

  3. You will now get an option to Send me copy (which will send the report to primary and employee email)

Example of file emailed when "Payroll Earnings record" is the selected report:

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