Once you have created a company, it’s time to tell us about your employees and their pay details. You will want to have the following employee information available.

  • Employee name, address and email (if you would like earnings records emailed to employees)

  • Employee W-4 elections and state tax forms

  • Employee salary or hourly rates and pay frequency

  • Employee benefits and deductions

Adding an Employee

To add an employee, select the menu bar in the top left and select "Employees". To add a new employee, select "Add employee" in the top right corner. You will be guided through 8 steps to add a new employee:

  1. Details

  2. Home Address

  3. Work Locations

  4. Wages

  5. Federal

  6. Employee Taxes

  7. Benefits

  8. Prior Payroll

Details - Required

The first required section for adding an employee is the Profile name. This will be the name you select when running your payroll so it should be easily identifiable. You can add your employee's email if you would like to be able to send them the earnings record directly to their email.

Home Address - Required

The employee's home address and location start date are required to save the employee within PaycheckCity Payroll and run payroll for them. Once the information has been added select "Add address". The new address will populate at the bottom. To confirm the address has been saved correctly, the address should say "Successfully geo-located address".

Wage Rates

To add a wage for your employee, select the wage type and pay frequency. When you select "Salary" and the pay frequency, you will be required to enter the annual gross pay.

When adding an hourly employee, select "Hourly" under wage type and then select the pay frequency. In the "Hourly Rates" section, you have the option to add the regular rate your employee is paid, as well as their overtime rate, doubletime rate, holiday rate and sick rate. Once the necessary rates have been added, select "Next".


To display paid and unpaid tips click on the menu bar in the top left and select App Settings. Under "Run Payroll Settings" toggle the pay options to allow the pay rates to display on a paycheck. Select "Save changes" to have these settings immediately applied.

Editing an Employee

To edit an employee, select the menu bar in the top left and select "Employees". Select the employee you wish to edit to immediately access editing mode. In the right menu, select the field you wish to edit and edit your desired cell. To save the employee, you will need to have the profile name, home address, work location, and wages sections completed. If any of these sections are left blank, you will not be able to proceed.

Deleting an Employee

To delete an employee, select the menu bar in the top left and select "Employees". To delete the employee, select the "X" in the employee's row or select the employee and click "Delete employee" at the bottom of the right menu.

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