Navigate to the batch history page to view your saved batches. Click on the navigation menu on the right, select History, then select Batch History.

The batch history screen displays all the saved batches by post date. If you don't see your newly created batch in history make sure to click the calendar button and choose the correct date range (it defaults to today.)  

You can filter by any value on the page. In this example, typing 'Bonus' in the Search field will filter your results to only batches with the name containing Bonus.

This information can also be exported to a CSV file (then imported in Excel) with a header and detailed profile records by clicking the download button (down arrow with line icon).

To see the detailed batch information, click on one of the batch history items. You will be taken to the batch history detail page. This page shows the batch as it appeared when the batch was calculated.

If this batch was done in error for any reason, you optionally can delete the whole batch along with the individual calculations by clicking the red trash can.

**Keep in mind that deleting could affect any year-to-date reporting numbers.

**The individual profile calculations within each batch run will also be displayed on the Calculation History page.

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