Find a past PaycheckCity payroll

If you've already run a payroll in PaycheckCity and approved it:

  1. Find your past payroll by clicking "History" in the left nav, then "Past Payroll".

  2. Adjust the date range then click on the payroll run.

  3. In the "Records and Checks" section, select the check you want to print and click "View" or "Download".

Backdate a payroll

If you haven't run this payroll in PaycheckCity yet, you can simply go to "Payroll", run a payroll definition, and edit the dates. Once you approve this payroll run, you will see the "Records and Checks" section.


Note that prior payroll amounts from before you started using PaycheckCity Payroll will not show up in the History page. These values will only be added to year to date values.

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